Veggie Scramble & Sweet Potato Fries

Many people get overwhelmed when they think about making changes in their eating. I'm not someone who spends hours in the kitchen. I like to make easy meals that aren't complicated, so I do a lot of one pan cooking. Healthy eating doesn't have to be hard! This quick recipe is a great way to get … Continue reading Veggie Scramble & Sweet Potato Fries

Quinoa, Kale, Spinach & Squash

Every holiday, my family asks me to make this dish. I like making it once and then having leftovers. Quinoa is a complete protein, so with the kale, spinach, mushrooms and squash, this makes a great side dish or a whole meal. Since spinach and kale are highly covered in pesticides I recommend buying organic … Continue reading Quinoa, Kale, Spinach & Squash

Banana Ice Cream

As I mentioned in a previous post, my long standing craving is for ice cream. The nighttime is usually when this craving hits, so I decided to try out a different way of dealing with this longing for something smooth and creamy. My mother always made banana ices for holidays but it was too icy … Continue reading Banana Ice Cream