A Different New Year’s Resolution

new yearIt’s that time of the year when we’re bombarded by messages about losing weight, getting in shape and becoming a new you. The holiday stuff is cleared off the store shelves and the diet books will soon be front and center at Barnes and Noble. Many of us overindulged over the holidays and it can be dark and depressing during winter, making it easier to cuddle up at home, not move and add on some winter weight. So, it’s understandable to be tempted into thinking that one of these diets or cleanses will finally help you lose the weight, get in shape and feel sexy. It makes sense that you’d be tempted by their promises of helping you finally stick to your plan.

But, how many times have you made this resolution to lose weight? How many mornings have you woken up thinking this would be the day you’d clean up your diet? Did it work? If it did and you’re all cool with how you feel you can stop reading. Go you! If you’re still making these promises to yourself and you’re constantly frustrated and feel like you’re letting yourself down, stop making these promises! They’re not working.

I get it! I personally never made New Year’s resolutions, not because I didn’t struggle with my weight and get frustrated with myself, but because every day for me was a new resolution.  Every morning I woke up after a nighttime binge, every time I got on a scale and the number looking back at me made me cringe, I resolved to get my act together and finally get thin. But those daily resolutions to stop overeating and bingeing didn’t work. What they did was made me obsessed with my weight and kept me thinking about food.

It’s only when I let go of trying to control that I was able to move on. It’s when I stopped worrying so much about the size of my body, that I wouldn’t be attractive enough, desirable, or loved if I looked a certain way, that I was set free. Because thinking that your worth is conditional on your looks is what feeds the diet, restriction monster. It’s that voice in the morning, before a special event or that resolution whispering promises of being thinner or better. The diet monster tells you when you lose weight you’ll be great and your life can begin, it tells you being thin and fit will bring you happiness, love and make you worthy.

You are worthy, beautiful and desirable now. The New Year is just a continuation of your life. If you want to make a change, start with letting go of rules and restrictions. Start by giving yourself the acceptance to just be. Most times resolutions focused on trying to change your eating and your body actually lead to more overeating. In actuality, when you love and accept where you are, you won’t need food to comfort you, because you’ll be capable of doing that yourself. When you stop worrying about your body you’ll stop trying to control your eating.

eating worrying

That’s why I work on small changes with my clients that are focused on nourishing themselves, not on restrictions. We focus on feeling good about yourself now and slowly doing things differently; whether that means doing things for yourself like taking a bubble bath or slowly adding more vegetables to your diet. Big lofty goals can be overwhelming, difficult to sustain and downright destructive. That’s why the gyms will be overflowing the end of this week and back to normal in a few months.

An exercise I sometimes give clients to help them focus on their feelings rather than their weight is to make a Vision Board. This is also a great way to use your creativity to envision your goals for the New Year. If you want to make a resolution this year, how about focusing on how you want to feel, not on how you want to look. You can cut out pictures from magazines, use photos of places you love, of things that symbolize how you want to feel about yourself. You can be as simple or as elaborate as you want. Put your Vision Board somewhere you’ll see it on a regular basis so it keeps you motivated and inspired.

If you’re ready to let go of weight loss resolutions and you want to free yourself from the control of food, why not try out a free discovery session with me.

If you want to get moving but you’re overwhelmed by working out, check out my sister, Arial’s, GrooveAnywhere workouts. She shares my philosophy that small changes lead to a healthy lifestyle, free from dieting and trying to reach a size.

Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year!

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