5 Things I Learned from Wonder Woman


I was a child of the 70s. I had a mom who worked three jobs, grew up learning about women’s lib and thought my family was like the show One Day at a Time. (If you’re too young to remember it was about a single mom and her two daughters) Things weren’t easy and maybe that’s why I became so enamored when I first saw Lynda Carter spinning as Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman is strong and fearless, she came from an island of Amazon women and doesn’t need a man to protect her.

Me and my Wonder Woman doll
Me and my Wonder Woman doll

Here’s what I learned from her:

1. Wear a cuff bracelet. I realize over the years I’ve always had a chunky cuff bracelet. It makes me feel strong just like Wonder Woman with her bullet proof bracelets. It doesn’t matter that I’ve never use a bracelet to protect myself. It gives me confidence and makes me feel invincible.
2. Spin. Little kids love to spin in circles. I remember the fun of spinning when I was young. Life is too hard and serious. Spin and reconnect with your inner child.
3. Be comfortable in your skin. Wonder Woman is an Amazon; she is tall, powerful and exudes confidence in her statuesque frame. Be proud of your body. I have big thighs but they are strong. Don’t apologize for your body, embrace it.
4. It’s ok to be strong and sexy. Wonder Woman fights crime in a bodysuit and high heeled boots. There’s nothing wrong with owning your sexuality.
5. Value honesty. Wonder Woman carried her lasso of truth. It’s important to trust other people but also to be true to yourself. Be honest with yourself and true to who you are.

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